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Best Practices

Why work with an Event Producer or Manager?

By working with an Event Producer or Manager, you can tap into our expertise, experience, and resources, ensuring a well-organized, memorable, and successful event. We will alleviate the stress of event planning, allowing you to enjoy the event and focus on your guests or other important aspects of your role.

What every couple needs to know when they get engaged?

Start by discussing your wedding vision including the size, style, and location of your ideal wedding. Determine who will pay for the wedding and set a realistic budget. Next, tour various properties that fit within your vision and budget and set a wedding date. Most Importantly, hire a wedding planner to assist with the planning process. It is our responsibility to handle all of the details, make expert recommendations that will help you stay on track and within budget, and simply alleviate stress. We will work alongside you to keep track of deadlines and stay organized throughout the event planning journey and ensure your vision is brought to life and you are able to enjoy the process and overall event without the pressures and added stress.

Why is it important to discuss the music restrictions and details with your event planner?

When planning live music events, an event producer/manager understands what is needed to accommodate the requests of the venue and the artist and more importantly the restrictions. An event manager will help level set expectations. It’s important to consider all the logistics such as power supply, sound equipment, any necessary permits or licensing requirements, and most importantly your sound/noise ordinances. It is recommended to discuss these details with your Glitter and Ro Account Representative and Event Producer who will coordinate with the chosen musicians to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for all your event attendees.

Why work with Glitter and Ro?

At Glitter and Ro, we have assembled a team of experts with decades of experience to bring you the knowledge, attention to detail, ability to troubleshoot, and most importantly guide you every step of the way through the event planning and management journey. We are dedicated and committed to fully understanding the needs of each and every client and your unique event.

In addition, we know that there are several details that contribute to the aesthetics and ambiance of an event including the location, design, rentals, service, and the team of vendors. We have partnered with several breathtaking venues in the Placer County area to provide a seamless and transparent inclusive experience for our clients. However, if you have already selected your ideal location, we can work with you and the venue to ensure you still receive the service, attention and experience you deserve.

We believe that “Every Detail Matters,” and are committed to providing the best. We offer a unique and distinctive collection of design elements, rentals, and inventory and have curated a list of preferred vendors to assist our team in making our clients dreams a reality.

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